ClassRoom presentations

Classroom Presentation Rollout Schedule

We are transitioning all of our in class presentations to video! We will release these throughout the 20-21 school year. Please refer to the schedule below!

December 2020

Fred, the Fish (K-2nd) &

Jitter, Don't Litter (PK-1st)

February 2021

Recycle This! (PK-2nd)

Coming Soon! Recycle That Resource (3rd-6th)

Spring 2021 Paper Recycling (2nd-6th) & Compost Stew (PK-2nd)

Spring 2021 Mystery of the Landfill (3rd-6th) & How Litter Hurts Animals (PK-1st)

Summer 2021 Water Water Everywhere (3rd-6th) & Wonders of the Sun (3rd-6th)

Summer 2021 Understanding Your Carbon Footprint (3rd-6th) & Eco-Art (2nd-6th)