kCB 'virtual' Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Program of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has been a community resource for 20 years, connecting underserved children with the environment to help them grow, learn, and develop personal responsibility for their community. Given the new challenges facing schools, teachers, and students during the pandemic, our programming which relied upon the student’s shared experiences with the environment was reimagined to meet them in the digital space. The EE Program continues to convert classroom presentations, field trips to an interactive digital format regularly, as a new, permanent and lasting addition to our offerings.


Environmental and outdoor learning boasts an array of scientifically-proven benefits for students, from increased environmental stewardship and awareness to improved social, academic, physical, and psychological health. Nature deficit disorder, as coined by author Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods, is the idea that many behavioral problems and challenges facing our students, such as reduced attention spans and obesity, are caused by lack of time outdoors.

Education should be free and accessible for everyone. With this guiding principle and the understanding that communicating science is often difficult, the team has put together thoughtfully crafted presentation videos and resources free of charge.

The team strongly encourages membership to your local library for access to recommended books and ability to print worksheets and resource guides at a reduced fee.

Special thanks to our Program funders