Book Lists & Literature

With the help of our friends at the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library, we created these book lists to offer more learning opportunities for growing eco minds and future stewards

The lists are organized into themes and linked directly through the CHPL website to check titles' availability! 

Waste Reduction 

A key part of waste "reduction" is "conservation"—using natural resources wisely, and using less than usual in order avoid waste. Children can learn all the ways to send less stuff to the landfill through the practice of the 4 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rot. These book recommendations are a complement to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful's environmental education videos and presentations.   Link Here or Click the Pic!

Litter Prevention

Littering isn't just gross and unsightly but its can hurt animals and people, too. This list is helps to encourage young minds to confront the issues of litter and to recognize the roles they can play and the voice they have to improve the well being of our communities. Pair these book recommendations with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful's environmental education videos to teach your children why we should keep our Earth clean. 

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Natural Resources & Wildlife Conservation

We share our neighborhoods not just with each other but with animals, too! Use these book recommendations to teach children about our wild neighbors and how to keep their homes, our rivers and forests, clean and beautiful. Each of these titles were selected to complement Keep Cincinnati Beautiful's environmental education presentations and videos. 

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There are so many incredible people putting in the hard work to make our Earth a safe, healthy, and beautiful place to live for all. This book list is intended to inspire future environmental activitsts, scientists, artists, farmers, etc. of accomplishments of ordinary people turned environmental stewards striving to preserve environmental and ultimately, human health.

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