Fred, the Fish 


Fred, THE FIsh

Recommended for K thru 4th

Ohio Learning Standards : 

K.LS.1    K.LS.2     K.SS.7

1.SS.8     2.SS.7    2.SS.10

3.SS.6     3.SS.10    3.ESS.3

4.SS.12   4.ESS.2

Resource Guide

Interested in learning more about water pollution?  This guide book recommendations, a nature activity,

Fred Resource Page_sm.pdf


Download this Worksheet where children can follow along and answer questions about Fred's journey! 

Fred Worksheet .pdf

book recommendations

All KCB's environmental literacy recommendations are available through the Hamilton County Public Library, through this easily searchable list available at this link.

By Lisa Bullard

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 5-8

By Lisa Bullard

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 5-8

By Michael Foreman

Available in Book  

Ages 5-8

By Patricia Newman

Available in Book 

Ages 8-12

By Michelle Lord

Available in Book, eBook 

Ages 5-7

Reading of "The Mess We Made"

By Michelle Lord

Available as a recorded version on KCB's YouTube channel

By Mark Kurlansky

Available Book, eBook 

Ages 8-12

Short Videos

Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater

A Whale's Tale

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of the Ocean | Nat Geo

Only Rain in the Storm Drain


Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District

HCSWCD offers classroom presentations & educator workshops.

The Mill Creek Alliance

MCA offers classroom programs, service learning opportunities and internships, find more information here.

Mill Creek Watershed Volunteer

Find out about opportunities for your classroom or family to participate in a cleanup event on the Mill Creek