KCB EDUCATION Thematic Series

KCB's Environmental Education program has redesigned our service learning opportunities into a new digital medium while preserving the original educational approach of combining learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience. Art is necessary to Science, as STEAM principles have proven, because creativity involves imagination, and imagination is visualization. Current environmental topics and discussions have been reimagined into creative, original performance pieces from students and professionals. Each of these informational video series are meant to inspire future stewards towards action. 

The Wartville Wizard is sick and tired of his neighbors littering in their neighborhood. He decides to put a spell on them when chaos and confusion ensue. KCB's whimsical play based on the book of the same title has been reinvented to a digital (and distant) format. The actors, Walnut Hills High School Drama students, deliver the message that it's important to take care of your neighborhood.

This series includes 8 short videos from local creatives including actors, modern dance, musicians and more. Each artist conceived their own original piece using  an environmental message for the foundation.