Compost Stew 



Recommended for PK thru 2nd

Covers Ohio Learning Standards:

K.PS.1    K.SS.7


2.SS.7    2.SS.10

Resource Guide

Learn more about Compost. This guide includes book recommendations, a challenge, short videos and more to help you Do the Rot Thing!

Compost Stew Resource Page_sm.pdf


Download this Activity Sheet to practice what you learned. Color in this sheet and test your compost knowledge! 

Compost Worksheet.pdf

book recommendations

All KCB's environmental literacy recommendations are available through the Hamilton County Public Library, through this easily searchable list available at this link.

By Leslie Bullon

Available in Book 

Ages 6-9

By Dr. Jackie Stroud

Available in Book 

Ages 5-8

By Kate Messner

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 6-9

Link to YouTube Reading 

By Esther Porter

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 4-8

By Wendy Pfeffer

Available in Book 

Ages 5-8

By David M Schwartz

Available in Book 

Ages 5-7

By Vita Jimenez

Available in eBook 

Ages 5-8

By Robin Koontz

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 6-9

Short Videos

Crash Course Kids: The Dirt on Decomposers

Sci-Show Kids: Make the Most of Compost

Sci-Show Kids: How Compost is Made

PBS Kids: Making a Homemade Composter

60-Day Worm Farm Time-Lapse

TED-Ed: Vermicomposting


Civic Garden Center

Check out their Green Learning Station webpage to learn more about composting & other STEM activities. 

Cincinnati Parks

The Explore Nature! programming from Cincinnati Parks offers school visits and field trips in many topics.