JItter, Don't Litter 


Jitter, Don't Litter

Recommended for PK thru 2nd

Covers Ohio Learning Standards:

K.SS.9    K.SS.7 


2.SS.7    2.SS.10

Resource Guide

Interested in learning more about litter prevention?  This guide includes book recommendations, a nature activity, additional online resources and more

Jitter Resource Page_sm.pdf


Download this follow along Coloring Sheet with a storyboard and "Jitter Don't Litter" song lyrics

Jitter Coloring Sheet.pdf

book recommendations

All KCB's environmental literacy recommendations are available through the Hamilton County Public Library, through this easily searchable list available at this link.

By Lisa Bullard

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 5-8

By Mari Schuh

Available in eBook  

Ages 5-8

By Lisa Bullard

Available in Book, eBook 

Ages 5-8

By Loreen Leedy

Available in Book 

Ages 5-8

Short Videos

Milo Learns to Respect Nature

No Litter Generation

How Plastic Hurts the World

Clean Up Your Act | YogoTars


Civic Garden Center

Check out their Green Learning Station webpage to learn more about composting & other STEM activities. 

Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District

HCSWCD offers classroom presentations & educator workshops.

Hamilton County Recycling & Solid Waste District

HCRSWD shares classroom program opportunities & assistance for schools who want to improve their recycling.