How Litter Hurts animals  


How Litter Hurts animals

Recommended for PK thru 2nd

Covers Ohio Learning Standards:

K.LS.2 K.SS.7


2.SS.7 2.SS.10

Resource Guide

Learn more about Wildlife in our community. This guide includes book recommendations, a challenge, short videos to help you learn about our backyard neighbors and how they contribute to our shared environment. 

How Litter Hurts Animals Resource Page_sm.pdf


Download this Activity Sheet to practice what you learned. Color in this sheet and test your waste knowledge! 

HLHA Worksheet 2.pdf

book recommendations

All KCB's environmental literacy recommendations are available through the Hamilton County Public Library, through this easily searchable list available at this link.

By Meeg Pincus

Available in Book 

Ages 4-8

By Oliver Jeffreys

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 6-9

By John Coy

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 4-7


By Sue Fliess

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 4-8

By Diego Vaisberg

Available in Book 

Ages 4-8

By Nicholas Reed

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 8-12

By Kate Baker

Available in Book 

Ages 9-12

By Mark Martin

Available in eBook, Book 

Ages 6-9

Build a Better Home For Wildlife

KCB Visits the Zoo!

You learned about some native wildlife we share our neighborhoods with and how things like litter can harm them. Now, meet some other important animal friends when KCB visits the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! You'll learn about these Ohio native species and their importance for our local ecology as well as ways you can protect these species through their Build a Better Home for Wildlife campaign

Short Videos

Minute Earth: Why do Some Species Thrive in the City?

Sci-Show Kids: 6 Animals Living Their Best Life in the City - Synurbic Species

PBS Backyard Nature: Mythbusting Opossum Facts

Can Wild Animals and Humans Coexist in the City?

Scholastic: Teaching Kids About Human-Wildlife Conflict

Vox: Wildlife Crossings Stop Roadkill- Why aren't There More?


Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Check out their extensive education programs offered to Schools & Teachers to help students understand their role in conservation efforts. Offerings include virtual programs, visits, field trips and more. 

Cincinnati Parks

The Explore Nature! programming from Cincinnati Parks offers school visits and field trips in many topics.