Growing Green (1st-8th)

The Growing Green - Artist Series is an exploration of current environmental issues and solutions. Local artists from traditional and contemporary performance arts were asked to engage with any leading environmental issue. Artists created short videos to showcase their art and the chosen issue. Environmental topics selected include Waste Reduction, Pollinator Protection and Renewable Energy, with each topic relating back to Climate Change and how it intensifies existing issues. Each short video brings new insight and imagery to the topics as artists use their training to visually demonstrate science concepts and empower students to take action for the environment. 

Episode 1

We are introduced to the series with host Patrick who kicks it off with a review of relevant environmental issues. The fundamentals of Climate Change and illustrates how it relates to many environmental issues explored in the series. 

Patrick Earl Phillips, Theatre Actor / Series Producer

Episode 2 

Overwhelmed by 'mitigating climate change', this video short offers actions students can take right now to help and care for the planet, including how growing your plants can make a difference.

Rae Buchanan, Actor/Theatre Artist/Healthcare Clown

Episode 3

Clutter brings no joy but repurposing old items can! This tutorial for upcycling t-shirts into reusable grocery bags discusses the problems with conventional plastic bags.

Erin Carr, Theatre Practitioner

Episode 4

Greenspaces like local parks help improve our planet by reducing heat and pollution.  This short reviews the importance of these spaces for local ecosystems, 

Josh Beasley, Theatre Artist

Nora Weisz, Theatre Artist

Episode 5

Listen to The Environmantis as they explain how emissions create climate change. They discuss various ways for students to take direct action and to use their voice!   

Rory Sheridan, Local Artist & Actor

Episode 6

Chase just wants to be in shade, in his hammock and play on his game console but his battery is low. Watch as he discovers what Solar Energy is and how to use it. 

Chase Watkins, Musician/Producer

Episode 7 

A Bag's Life is the story of a plastic bag that lost its way. Told through visually striking scenery, dramatic movements and silly quips.

Ian Timothy Forsgren, Professional Actor/Dancer/Director

Ashley Morton, Professional Actor/Dancer

Episode 8 

 What's the buzz about bees? Daniela discusses fascinating Bee facts and all of the ways pollinators help the environment. 

Daniela Nenova, Professional Actor/Puppeteer/Creator

Episode 9 

The final episode features the musical stylings of Candice. Her lyrics carry an important message -each of us can do our part to be more sustainable! 

Candice Handy, Theatre Artist/Director


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Resource Guide

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book recommendations

All KCB's environmental literacy recommendations are available through the Hamilton County Public Library, through this easily searchable list available at this link.

Reading of 

"The Tantrum That Saved the World"

This book is all about empowering children to stand up & make a ruckus about climate change. Enjoy a heart warming story & stick around at the end of the book to learn more about science as well as environmental justice!

By Leslie Davenport

ages 8-12

Available in Book

By Molly Bang

ages 4-8

Available in Book, eBook

By Gail Herman

ages 8-12

Available in Book, eBook

By  Andrea Minoglio

ages 8-12

Available in Book

By Andrew Joyner

ages 4-8

Available in Book, eBook

By Isable Thomas

ages 8-12

Available in Book

By Dan Hooke

ages 9-12

Available in Book

By Alice Harmon

ages 9-12

Available in Book